Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year as a family of five. Although it was a busy day, we enjoyed the time with our families. We have so much to be grateful for. We want our kids to know the true meaning of Christmas. While gifts are great and Santa Clause is "just for fun, and not real." They know Christmas is celebration of Jesus' birth. What a blessing and awesome feeling as a parent to have children who love God and are excited to learn about Him and know Him!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Creedyn Taylor Barth

Creedyn Taylor Barth entered this world November 6, 2010. After 5 short easy hours of labor and 25 min of pushing he made his grand appearance. What a beautiful healthy baby boy! Weighing in at 8lb 9oz and 22in long. Ryan and I are or have adjusted to three kiddos 4 and under. Riley and Brady couldn't be prouder of their baby brother. They are great with him. Holding him is one of their favorite things to do.

Creed is such a good baby. He looks so much like his daddy! (of course) Which then means he looks like Brady and Riley too. Sometimes I find myself calling him Brady. The similarity is crazy. You really cannot tell them apart in baby pictures! Its almost like living life again 4 years ago with Brady as a baby.

Rachel delivered Creedyn. She was amazing! This was the best birth experience I have had yet! I can only hope if we have more babies she will deliver.

A happy daddy! Each new birth is just as exciting as the first!

We are now a Party of Five!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brady and Rileys first NASCAR race.

For Ryan's birthday we bought him family tickets to the Michigan Race. It had been several years since he and I last went and I knew Brady would really enjoy it as well.
We went to the truck race on Sat night. Riley enjoyed the first hour quite a bit. She was pretty tuckered out so she had herself a nice nap. When she woke up, well she had had enough! My step dad met us in Angola the next morning and picked her up. So she spent the day with them. Sunday would just have been more than she or I could handle!

Ry's new rule is you MUST be 4 to go to the race. NO exceptions! Hes too funny!

Brady on the other hand throughly enjoyed himself! He has been asking when we get to go back, so it looks like we are headed there again in August! It was nice to just take him on Sunday. He loved all the attention on him...which with two kids doesn't happen alot.

Baby Number 3 Update

It has been quite some time since I posted on a regular basis! So some of the previous posts were short and sweet. An update on the pregnancy. At the beginning most of you know know or read about the problmes that were going on. About three weeks ago I started having complications again. Very similar to before. Because of the threatend miscarriage earlier I was put on bedrest and then sent in Monday am for another ultrasound.
We had several friends and church family praying for us again. However this time I wasnt "worried." I had an overwhelming peace that all was well! I even told a friend, Kelly that I just knew the baby was ok. During the ultrasound I was diagnosed with partial placenta previa. It is a mild case and should correct itself in 3-4 weeks as baby gets bigger. Here are some photos from that ultrasound.

Yes, for those of you who don't know it is a BOY!

Monday we go to the Dr again for the follow up ultrasound. Once cleared...I will not have to be monitored so closely. I will be sure to post pics next week of the new ultrasound. Im sure he has grown alot. Its hard to believe Im half way through the pregnancy already!


We spent Easter this year with the Barth Family at Aunt Nancy's in Milford. The kids really got into the egg hunt!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Baby Girl!

Monday, March 22, 2010

God's Mercy

Two weeks ago Tues. I started having some complications with the pregnancy. First I called our friends from church and our prayer chain. Along with family to tell them to add us to prayers immediately. Then I called the Dr. and they asked to see me right away. I was examined and told every "appeared" to be ok. However they still wanted to do blood tests to check some hormone levels. So we did blood tests and I had to go back Thurs for more. I was feeling fine now and no other symptoms. I received a call at 8:30 am Fri. with the results. The Dr. said my levels didn't rise much and she consulted with the other Drs in the practice and they all felt I most likely have a tubal pregnancy.She seemed to prepare me for what to expect with what they anticipated the outcome. She then ordered an ultrasound.I was devastated. I know I had just recently found out I was pregnant, but I bonded immediately with that child in the womb. It's the way God intended I guess. It was hard thinking about losing this child whom I hadn't met. We were scared. I immediately called our church family. We had so many people in constant prayer throughout that week and especially that day. Upon going in to the office Ryan and I were talking about if it is Gods will for this pregnancy to end, we will get through it. As much as I was scared about losing this baby, I was at peace. As we were walking in Ryan goes God is so good isn't he? I thought here we are maybe about ready to get some devastating news and my husband is glorifying God? How awesome is that? How lucky and blessed am I to have such a Godly husband to be praising God right now this minute?!
We go in and wait just shortly. Our ultrasound tech calls us back. We discuss why I'm here and she begins. I'm looking at the screen and she goes there it is. I said the baby's not in my tube? She said no. Of course I begin crying and thanking and praising God for the miracle he had done. The Ultrasound tech says I'm going to check your tubes to make sure there aren't twins and that one is not in the tube, but that is highly unlikely. She checks and my tubes are clear! She says there must have been an error in the blood tests, because she has no way to explain the results. We know what the error is! We have a perfectly healthy baby she says to us. The we see the heart beat and she said its as strong as it gets. We finish our appt with both of us smiling ear to ear for the rest of the day or shall I say we are STILL smiling! We are great now! Almost out of that first trimester which is exciting!

When something seems as though the world is caving in, remember to Praise Him in the storm regardless of the outcome, we had no idea what we were going to be told upon entering the office that day but we continued to praise Him!

Thank you to all who prayed daily and constantly for us. For we know it is the prayers that kept this baby safe!


For about 8 months Ryan and I had been wanting another child so desperately. It was only when we decided to give it ALL to God we got our hearts desire. We sat and had a deep conversation about how we must be going about this all wrong. I mean we were doing every thing right as doctors would tell you, but that was like I said as doctors would tell you. We weren't putting it in Gods hand we were trying to do it our way. In that conversation we said we were done "trying to conceive." If God had a plan for another child right now at this time in our lives we were going to let him give that child to us. That was it. I was at total peace if we were not to have another child, I did still "want" another baby, but i was ok if it was not His will.

Two weeks later I was feeling ill and without telling Ryan I took a test or should I say two tests that showed me God WAS in control. I was pregnant with our third child. It was only when we let Him take the drivers seat could His will be done.

Our new little someone will be entering this world around Nov.9. We have two little kids who are so excited about having another little brother or sister!

Come back in a few days for another testimony on God's grace and Mercy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vacation Planning

We are all stoked about our vacation over the 4th. We are headed to Langhorne PA and to New York City. My brother Josh, Karen and Audrey are going along with us. We will be visiting Sesame Place. It's a Sesame Street Amusement and Water Park. Along with an Aquarium, The Craylola Factory and The Hands on Museum. Its sure to be a good time.

Since Ryan doesn't read my blog...I can spill his Valentines gift. I am planning a short trip to the Michigan race in June. It has been three years since we've gone to a Nascar race and he has been wanting to take Brady so bad.

I also need tips, ideas and suggestions for Disney. It well over a year before we head to Florida,(july 2011) but from what I heard a year is a good amount of time to plan plan plan. We've only been twice but that was without kids, so we need some info!


My kids love to paint, paint, paint!


As most of you know I babysit two little girls on Mondays. They actually live across the road from us. We LOVE those little girls. The oldest one is 2 1/2 and her and Brady play so well with each other. The youngest one is 15 months and her and Riley are now two peas in a pod. (after Riley bit her in the beginning b/c she was jealous) I snapped a few pics the other day and had to post them. I have a feeling the 3 girls are going to be great friends being so close in age and living next to each other. Pushing their babies in strollers is their favorite thing to do here during the day...glad we have 3 strollers!

Happy 4th Birthday Brady!

Wow, where has the time gone? Brady is now 4. Seems like yesterday we found out we were expecting him, I remember so clearly. He is now in preschool, and growing up so fast.

We had a basketball and soccer themed party. We had most of our family join us as well as a few close friends. Some of his favorite things he received were his new bik.e (that he is dying to go outside and ride...he wants Daddy to take the training wheels off too!) He also loves his tent, as well as his Leapster games. Oh and his savings bonds that both of my grandparents get him...he calls them different kind of money! (so cute) He also received a few cards in the mail with some money. I asked what he wanted to do...he chose to save some, spend some and give some in offering at Champions. I love it! Just like his Dad spending and like Mommy saving! Happy Birthday Son!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brady,Riley...what are you up to?

I been thinking. I want to try to blog more. I want to be able to look back at this blog when my kids are older and see what my kids were doing, how they were feeling, what they are learning, how they are growing. I don't want to forget anything! They are already so big. Brady is 4 now. Riley will be two in 3 months. It's just going too fast. So I will be doing "What are you up to?" blogs.


*You love animals

*Have your ABC's mastered now, by sight and sound

*Are starting to enjoy preschool

*Love helping me cook, and love watching Giada EVERYDAY! They way you rumble her name off of your tongue cracks me up.

*Your favorite toy is your train table

*Your friend you talk about at school is Angelina

*You want to be an astronaunt

*You NEVER forget to pray before we eat

*Have discovered your "pee hole" in your undies and think it is so cool

*Favorite cartoon is Dora


*Are sassy

*Beginning to learn your colors

*Almost potty trained

*You love Veggie Tales

*Your favorite word is AAAAAAmen (with southern accent)

*Love quack quacks!

*Are constantly on your toy phone with Paw Paw

*Love, love, love babies and barbies

*When I ask you who do you love you scream MOMMY

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vacation in Tennessee

Hi Friends, It has been quite some time since I've posted! It has been on busy and eventfull year to say the least. Our year ended with vacation to Tennessee. I must say it was a VERY needed vacation. We spent just shy of a week in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The kids enjoyed all the activities we had planned. Brady's was by far a toss up between the Dinosaur Museum and the Dixie Stampede. Riley loved the Stampede! They had their Christmas program and it was AWESOME! Definately a favorite for Ryan and I. Oh did I mention the great food? Thinking about it makes me hungry!

One of the many activites we did was a 5 1/2 mile hike up the Sugarlands Mountains. Yes you read that right. It was in the snow too. Over 5 miles up to the top to see the waterfall. It was beautiful! Well worth the hike! Brady walked all the way up by himself! I was impressed. ( The way down was a bit different Ryan had one on his shoulders and I had the other on mine.) It was a magnificant view! The waterfall on one side and looking down the snowcovered mountain with just a glimpse of the sun going down. We made sure to get plenty of pictures. It was actually our first vacation as a family of 4. One we will all remember. It was so nice to have down time to focus on us as a family, no distractions, no worries.

We also headed to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatliburg as well as the Rainforest Museum. Both were a big hit for the kids. Brady is such an animal lover so the trip was a blast for him.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treatment Number 6

Update on Rileys treatment....As most of you know she is starting to get REALLY clingy lately. I'm sure alot of it is her age and seperation anxiety. However, it gets worse after treatments. So our anesthesiologist suggested that i "try" to help with the mask for anesthesia. To see if it helps her feel not so scared. She fought a bit, but was much calmer than she is if I am not there. So we may try this next time, to see if its better. If not we may give her some "loopy juice" before to calm her down. As for the treatment itself. It went really well for the most part. I think she has had the most fading from this time than any other time! Yea. Dr. said she was at 50% fading. So keep those prayers coming!!! We are scheduled to go back in 3 weeks. Providing she heals well and has no problems. So far so good! I do have a specific request. Her chin is being stubborn and not responding as well as her cheek. So contiue praying for her until we are done with the monthly treatments. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.